The Clinical Research Unit (CRU), based at the Faculty of Health Sciences, offers ethical clinical research and related services in world-class facilities. This enables local and global pharmaceutical companies and other clients to contract with Research Solutions to conduct a wide range of clinical trials of which the execution adheres to good clinical practice.

Clinical Research Unit

Access to world-class clinical research services

A team of experienced study co-ordinators, dispensing physicians and investigators will take care of all aspects of the clinical trials conducted at the CRU. The Unit has experience in, among others, internal medicine, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurology, psychiatry, urology, trauma, infectious diseases, vaccines, bio-availability and bio-equivalence studies.

The CRU’s recruitment area includes a large tertiary referral hospital, various primary care clinics and eight district hospitals.

Facilities comprise of three consulting rooms, a 12-bed patient ward, a temperature controlled pharmacy, and a fully equipped laboratory.

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