Core competencies

Internationally recognised experts at your service, drawing on the expertise of 140 disciplines from nine faculties of the University of Pretoria.

  • Pre-start up:
    • Channelling technology transfer (science-to-market).
    • Creativity and innovation training and development.
    • Feasibility studies.
    • Incubation formation consultation and turnkey solutions.
    • Opportunity screening.
    • Policy advice: national, provincial and local.
    • Pre-incubation (UP Business Incubator).
    • Pre-incubation/incubation readiness testing and selection.
    • Product/service research and development.
    • Starting My Business training (tech-based).
    • Technology testing and optimisation and intellectual property advisory services
  • Start-up and establishment:
    • Business modelling (value-to-customer).
    • Business plans for growth.
    • Mamelodi Business Clinic.
    • Managing My Business: skills development.
    • Pipeline access-to-market mechanisms (ecosystem approach).
    • Policy research and advice.
    • Product development (innovation research and advice).
    • Supplier Investment System (SiS) – cooperative development.
    • Technology design and optimisation.
  • Growth and beyond:
    • Acceleration services (coaching and mentoring).
    • Advanced skills development: Growing My Business.
    • B-BBEE scorecards.
    • Board composition and advice.
    • Business analytics.
    • Business modelling for innovation and scaling.
    • Corporate governance (consultation).
    • Industry specific linkage and access to markets (Africa and beyond).
    • Specialised research (market insights).
    • Strategy for expansion.
    • Technology enhancement and optimisation.
    • Turnaround strategies and business rescue advisory services

Value proposition

Research and advisory services

The ability to provide business-to-business solutions across the full life cycle of services from project conceptualisation to delivery and capacity building using scientific evidence as basis

Specialised services

We draw on the expertise of over 140 disciplines from nine faculties of the University of Pretoria. This enables us to deploy multi-faceted teams that provide customised and innovative solutions


Professional memberships