Seismicity: How it is induced by human technological activities and its related seismic hazard

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Seismicity induced by human technological activities is an important problem that involves both scientific and industrial society. Enterprises University of Pretoria offers a two-day contact course that will introduce you to the problem of seismicity associated with geo-resource exploitation and touch on different geo-resource exploitation technologies that may induce seismicity and the mechanisms of interaction between technological activity and the rock mass. You will determine the necessary conditions to identify earthquakes as induced, triggered, or natural, and learn about the vital properties of anthropogenic seismicity. Additionally, you will be exposed to different kinds of scientific tools that may be applied to assess hazard. 

This is an exclusive course prepared for industrial partners, which gives a unique opportunity to learn valuable information on how to parametrise anthropogenic seismicity. Delegates will have the chance to practise the implementation of seismological analyses on the EPISODES platform.

After completing the course, delegates will be familiar with seismic catalogues and seismic monitoring. You will learn which information is included in a standard catalogue and how a catalogue can be used in seismic hazard analysis. Delegates will also learn about international collaborative undertakings for research into anthropogenic seismicity.

This course is targeted at students (geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology and mining), geologists and rock engineers working in mining and/or any type of anthropogenic seismicity in South Africa.

The course presenters are experts in the field and have extensive experience in seismicity induced by human technological activities. Prof Beata Orlecka-Sikora specialises in the physical understanding of the mechanism of anthropogenic seismicity, Prof Stanisław Lasocki focuses on anthropogenic seismic hazard especially in mines, and Dr Łukasz Rudziński specialises in the field of observational seismology and the seismic source physics in anthropogenic seismicity - mainly in mines.

Join this two-day contact course on 25-26 May 2023. During the workshop, participants will exercise acquired knowledge on the EPISODES platform, and are thus required to bring their own laptops.   

Register now and increase your knowledge of how to use seismological information to support industrial activities in seismically active regions!