Module1: Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)
MODULE1: Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)
24 Apr 2023
R 1150.00

Brief Description
This section also provides guiding principles for SRHR , with reference to the human rights approach that governs the SRHR policy, embedded in the need to improve access, equity, and quality in the delivery of services. The module has learning sessions on cross-cutting themes that are mandatory for all SRHR providers to master.
Learning Outcomes
  • Provide SRHR services in line with principles governing SRHR service provision, as aligned to the national and global legal framework governing SRHR services.
  • Be able to not let personal values and beliefs to obstruct comprehensive and integrated SRHR service provision
  • To provide effective counselling for comprehensive and integrated SRHR services, especially to key population and adolescents
  • To offer SRHR services aligned to the service delivery platform In South Africa
  • To provide people-centred quality SRHR services throughout the life cycle of men and women
  • To effectively report on indicators, and be able to monitor and evaluate comprehensive SRHR programme at different levels of work
  • To establish a mentoring strategy in SRHR training and determine the mentorship strategy at the facility level
Course Content
Session 1: sexual reproductive health and rights
Session 2: introduction to disability etiquette and access
Session 3: value clarification and attitude transformation
Session 4: counselling in SRHR services
Session 5: service delivery platform
Session 6: quality of care
Session 7: self-care interventions
Session 8: monitoring and evaluation
Session 9: mentoring
Session 10: community engagement and orientation
Session 11: reproductive system: structure and function
Entry Requirements
Hold a qualification in basic clinical training (e.g., Nursing, midwifery, medical doctor etc.).

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Health and Health Care
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Hold a qualification in basic clinical training (e.g., Nursing, midwifery, medical doctor etc.).
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