Short Course in Life Design Counselling
Short Course in Life Design Counselling
13 Sep 2023
R 5060.00

Brief Description
TEST Design Counselling is an innovative approach in career counselling that has received much attention in Global North contexts but much less attention in Global South contexts thus far. It is essential to address this hiatus. Life design counselling has been shown to help people understand themselves better, design new selves, construct careers, promote action, and imbue a sense of meaning, purpose, and hope in them
This workshop represents an attempt to equip career counsellors with the know-how to empower their clients to clarify their career-life identity and successfully deal with change. It is based on the emergence of self- and career construction and life design in response to fundamental changes in the world of work. Furthermore. it explains the essence of self- and career construction in relation to life design, advances field of career counselling in the 21st century, and it deals with the re-emergence of adaptability and employability as pivotal thriving ('survival') skills in 21st century career counselling contexts.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:-
  • Understand and apply the essential characteristics of self- and career construction and life design in individual and group contexts,
  • Help people successfully navigate multiple transitions in their career-lives, and
  • Promote people's sense of career-life identity ("Who am I"?), (career) adaptability, employability, and (career) resilience as key flourishing skills in the 21st century. 
Course Content
The following topics will be covered:-
Life design (LD): Theoretical background (PP1)
1. Aims of LD
2. Self-construction counselling
3. Career construction counselling 
4 Integrating self- and career construction counselling
5. Using triangulation and crystallization to facilitate quality assurance in LD
The life design intervention model and associated strategy: Six general:-
Step 1: Defining the problem jointly by the counsellor and client
Step 2: Encouraging exploration of client’s existing system of subjective identity forms
Step 3: Shifting the focus towards broadening the perspectives of the client and revising the story. 
Step 4: Placing of the current problem within client’s revised story.
Step 5: Supporting the client in identifying relevant activities to carry out and to actualise his or her newly established identity
Step 6: Short-, medium-, and long-term follow-ups
Entry Requirements
Registration as any of the following:
Psychologist, Registered Counsellor, or Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

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Human Capital Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a Psychologist, Registered Counsellor, intern psychologist, or Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.
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