Short Course in Remote Investigations
Brief Description
Travel and social distancing restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19 have a huge impact on the way that law enforcement and other organisations conduct their respective investigations. 
Even if these restrictions are lifted in the near future, it may make good economic sense to continue to procure information and evidence remotely in suitable circumstances.
The Course will be dealing with the legal and practical considerations that accompany these type of remote investigations. 
This course is presented as fully online and will be for the duration of 2 days.
Each virtual contact session will be approximately 2.5 hours. 
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the (course), the delegates will be able to appreciate the issues when conducting investigations remotely and to effectively deal with the obstacles in that regard.
Course Content
Topics to be covered include:
 1. Factors to consider before embarking on a remote investigation.
2. Pitfalls & opportunities of remote investigations
3. Preparing for remote investigations 
  • practical preparation
  • the forwarding of documents/material to persons to be interviewed
  • setting of expectations.
4. Interviewing across jurisdictions (including the impact of EU General Data Protection Regulation)
5. Differences between traditional interviewing and remote interviewing and practical considerations when conducting remote interviews
6. Overcoming obstacles in obtaining the pure version from witnesses in remote interviews. 
  • Dealing with objections. 
  • How to maintain rapport. 
  • Etiquette when interviewing remotely,
7. Investigative interviewing (interviewing of suspects) 
  • Potential risks
  • Strategies to use when interviewing suspects remotely;
  • Pre-interview warnings
8. Recording of Interviews (for instance, the impact of Act 70 of 2002, as far as SA is concerned.)
9. Protecting the confidentiality of company and other documents used in the remote investigation.
  • Security of remote interactions. 
  • Ensuring shared documents/data are not further distributed/ investigation compromised (e.g. the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements etc.)
10. The effect of and relevance of the Protection of Personal Information Act on remote investigations (still to be put in operation but useful pointers to b considered)
11. Privilege and remote investigation (E.g. the danger of waiving litigation and other privileges when embarking on remote investigations)
12. Investigation team meetings- practical issues and risks
13. Remote harvesting of electronic evidence from devices/storage.
14. Ensuring the authenticity of forwarded documents/information.
15. Ensuring the chain of custody in remote investigations.
Entry Requirements
Grade 12
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Financial Management and Taxation
Who Should attend:
Any individual who are investigating fraud, corruption or workplace contraventions.
Delivery Mode:
Contact Days:
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