Short Course in Strategic Records Management and Planning
Brief Description
In this introductory course, we review the end-to-end process of setting up a file plan, where documentation and systems are essential to track important content of an organisation.
To begin we review mechanisms to gather key information from stakeholders to design an effective plan alongside best practices which ensure that the functions, activities and classification of the plan are covered.
As such, topics covered aim to ensure delegates are aware of the four main aims of a file plan; simplicity, consistency, accuracy and flexibility. In so doing we empower delegates to understand the importance of a file management and allow them introduce implementation plans which can ensure that access to needed content is delivered as needed by users, albeit on-premise or in the cloud.
Learning Outcomes
After this course delegates will:
  • Understand vital criteria of file management
  • Be aware of the four main aims of a file plan: simplicity, consistency, accuracy and flexibility
  • Be aware of the end-to-end process of setting up a file plan (content, database, systems and tracking)
  • Analyse their environment and create a potential implementation strategy
Course Content
The following topics will be covered:
  • Criteria for a good file plan
  • Support and direct line documentation
  • Documentation types including what is the master copy
  • Content types including annexures and case files
  • Notes & cross referencing
  • Databases for track, trace and auditing logs
  • Access permission and rights
  • Types of software and systems (E.G. Azure file sync and SharePoint)
  • On-Premise access versus the Cloud
  • Workshop session on developing a file plan and potential steps to implementation
Entry Requirements
Delegates Who are familiar with their Records management environment
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Catalogue and Category:
Information and Communication Technology
Who Should attend:
Librarians, Administrators and coordinators
Delivery Mode:
Contact Sessions
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