Sports Law
Brief Description
The short course in Sports Law examines some of the most common legal problems facing those in sport from managers and government officials to participants and administrators alike who deal with sport-related activities both on and off the sports field. The course covers specific topics of sport-related issues, including: contractual relations; the role of the agent in professional sport; labour law in professional sport; disciplinary proceedings and alternative dispute resolutions; the legal aspects of sport injuries; liability regulations regarding drug-use in sport; sport sponsorships; and constitutional issues in sport. You will also gain insights to the various representative sporting codes and federations.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the most common legal problems participants and sport administrators encounter, both on and off the playing field.
Course Content
The course covers the following topics:
  • Contractual relations in sport
  • Role of the agent in professional sport
  • Labour law and professional sport
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Alternative dispute resolution in sports
  • Legal aspects of sport injuries
  • Liability regulation of drug use in sport
  • Sport sponsorships
  • Constitutional issues in sport
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and/or relevant work experience.
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Catalogue and Category:
Law and Human Rights
Who Should attend:
The course is not only aimed at legal practitioners, but also anyone working in the area of sport administration, as a sport manager, sport agent or participant in sport. The course will also be beneficial to government officials who deal with sport and representatives of various sporting codes and federations.
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