Starting MY business – Online and in my own time
Starting MY business – Online and in my own time
01 Feb 2021
R 1500.00
Brief Description
This online course equips delegates with the necessary skills to start their own business, in their own time, customised to their own needs and aligned with their passion. Its not an 'off-the-shelf' offering, but customised to serve every delegate's personal needs. The approach is practical, opportunity driven and flexible (no textbooks, no boring cases). An online coaching service is offered to assist delegates to turn their unique business idea into reality.
Learning Outcomes
  • The need, role and impact of entrepreneurs in the global world of business and economics
  • Why do I need MY own business?
  • What is the own business environment like?
  • Who are typically entrepreneurs/own business owners and what does it take to start MY own?
  • Preparing myself for the challenging world of the entrepreneur
  • Finding and defining my passion (a pre-condition for entrepreneurial success)
  • Identifying feasible business opportunities
  • Creatively generating ideas to satisfy specific needs in the opportunity frame
  • Selecting the most suitable business idea- Gathering information towards building MY new business
  • Planning the resources requirements (people; money; raw material and technology)
  • Preparation for starting up (strategic planning)
  • What is an innovative business model and why do I need one?
  • Understanding the value-to-customer component of MY business (the real value of my offering; the correct market segments; marketing channels; and how will this business make money)
  • Understanding the efficiency component of MY business (resources; key partners; key activities; and costing structures)
  • Structuring MY final business model towards a real business opportunity
  • Building a business model canvas towards a final business plan
  • Understanding the role and need for a business plan
  • The basic and advanced structures of a business plan, aligned with MY needs!
  • Building a bankable business plan (with very helpful software)
  • How do I register MY business and all the other legal requirements (practical and efficient, we link you directly with the correct forms and people)
  • Where do I find finance/capital with MY business plan
  • Building a suitable website for MY business (we show you how)
  • Starting up: What now?
  • Coaching and incubation
Course Content
Phase 1: The world of the entrepreneur
Phase 2: Preparing for MY start-up
Phase 3: MY innovative business model
Phase 4: MY business plan
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