Systems Thinking and Engineering
Online Systems Thinking and Engineering
14 Aug 2023
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Brief Description
System Thinking and Systems Engineering encapsulate systemic analysis of problem situations to develop, implement, and maintain
solution systems. The systems engineering processes consider the total system life-cycle, taking into account the requirements of all
stakeholders. All stakeholders, with their requirements, need to be identified, analysed, described and managed over time, keeping
in mind their context. Systems thinking tools assist in the analysis of complex situations to ensure that a solution system can be
The short course in Systems Thinking and Engineering aims to equip you with the ability to solve problems from a “whole”, “big
picture” or “holistic” perspective. System and problem analysis require a range of critical thinking skills for successful functioning
in a complex world. Also, each system has a life cycle where each phase has different requirements and challenges. This course
will equip you with the necessary systems engineering tools and process to implement an effective solution.
Learning Outcomes

The general objective of this course is to equip the
engineering manager with knowledge and insight into the principles (theory, concepts, processes) and practices (tools, techniques) of System Thinking and Systems Engineering.

Course Content
The programme will cover the following modules:
Background and foundations of systems thinking and engineering
  • The nature and origin of systems, systems thinking and systems engineering.
  • Various concepts and definitions of systems, systems thinking and systems engineering.
  • Importance and value of critical systems thinking in an organisation
Systems thinking tools
  • Different Systems Thinking Tools
  • Application of the appropriate systems thinking tool in different contexts
  • Implementation of system archetypes 
Systems engineering life-cycle and processes
  • Systems Engineering Processes during the different lifecycle stages of an engineering project.
  • Various tools and techniques to implement systems engineering
  • Systems Engineering Process for the context of an organisation
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a three-year qualification and/or work experience.

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Engineering and Technology Management
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This course is ideal for any manager, project manager, engineer or any other decision maker that has to solve a problem in the (complex) real world.
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