Tharisa Minerals visits Enterprises UP to explore their mining-related services

Friday, November 19, 2021

Above: The Tharisa Minerals and Enterprises UP delegations at the Virtual Reality Centre of the University of Pretoria’s Department of Mining Engineering.

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) undertakes a wide range of research and training initiatives on a continuous basis to support the University of Pretoria's drive to remain a leading research-intensive institute. Tharisa Minerals recently visited Enterprises UP, which provided an opportunity for the two parties to discuss collaboration around Enterprises UP and the University of Pretoria's (UP) research and training capabilities.

UP took the delegation on a tour of its mining-related services. The purpose of the engagement was to highlight the various Research and Training Solutions provided by UP's teams of experts. Not only are the customised solutions offered driven by technical know-how, but they also draw on industry best practices.

The tour kicked-off at the Virtual Reality (VR) Centre, where Prof. Ronny Webber-Youngman: Head of Department of Mining Engineering, UP, provided a brief overview of the department's vision, which is to be a leading, research-intensive department, recognised internationally for its quality, relevance, and impact, as well as for developing people, creating knowledge, and making a difference locally and globally, thus establishing the department as a leading international contributor to solutions for mining.

Prof Webber-Youngman presented on the full-service, integrated VR resource, which includes physical infrastructure as well as expert consulting and technical support. Prof Webber-Youngman discussed the many advantages of this technology, including how it is designed to optimise decision-making while remaining risk-free, while also providing the delegation with the opportunity to experience the 3D stereoscopic theatre.

The delegation was led to the 3D 360 cylinder by Mr Jannie Maritz, Senior Lecturer: Department of Mining Engineering, UP, where they experienced world-class innovative technology that brings real-world scenarios to life in a simulated environment. Playing out different scenarios before committing resources to a specific course of action can improve operational productivity and overall effectiveness.

Mr Koos de Beer concluded the tour by introducing the delegation to a whole new level of innovation through Virtual Reality and Interaction (VRI). The high-quality and realistic visuals provide an interactive user experience for a variety of real-world applications. Decision-makers and consultants can visualise activities, guiding decision-making and making them more cost and efficiency competitive.

The nature of Tharisa Minerals' research and training needs will guide the direction of the partnership between Tharisa Minerals and Enterprises UP.

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