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Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd offers the best training and professional development solutions to build future-fit organisations and individuals for the new world of work. In the wake of technological advancement, our career-focused short courses and programmes scheduled throughout the year are offered as contact, online, virtual, blended learning and customised corporate training interventions, to suit your schedule and needs.

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Advanced Course in Water Treatment Processes
<div><span>The Advanced Course in Water Treatment Processes provides you with an overview of both the theoretical and practical aspects of industrially relevant advanced water treatment processes. </span></div> <div><span>&nbsp;</span></div> <div><span>Topics include chemical water treatment, advanced oxidation processes, calculating the required chem
Start Date : 31 Oct 2022
Price : R 14 550.00
Aerial surveying (UAV) for 3-D surface modelling and detailed mapping
<dir> <span style="font-size: 10px;" lang="EN-ZA"></span></dir> <p dir="LTR">The aim of this course is to provide field-based demonstrations of Aerial Surveying using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to acquire ultra-high resolution imagery of the study area, which will later (in the lab) be used to generate various geographic information products such as orthophoto,
Start Date : 15 Nov 2022
Price : R 8 500.00
Course in Environmental Impact Assessment Administration (Blended)
<div><span>The Environmental Impact Assessment Administration is a 6-week mixed-mode (i.e. Internet supported as well as face-to-face) course designed to course provides you with knowledge and insights in the evaluation, management and administration of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). </span></div> <div><span>&nbsp;</span></div> <div><span> The cour
Start Date : 26 Sep 2022
Price : R 11 000.00
Environmental Management and Regulation
<span>The Environmental Management and Regulation short course provides you with essential training in new regulatory developments to better navigate a range of complex issues related to environmental resources and extortion. The course covers a wide range of topics, including both legal and biological aspects of environmental management, ecological framewor
Start Date : 03 Oct 2022
Price : R 12 500.00
GIS Professional Practice
<div>The short course in GIS Professional Practice covers the guidelines for professional practice as prescribed by the South African Council for Professional Land and Technical Surveyors (PLATO). </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div> During the course, you will gain a better understanding of all facets pertinent to professional practice in the Geographic Inf
Start Date : 16 Aug 2022
Price : R 13 500.00
Introductory Remote Sensing: Physical Principles and Digital Image Processing
<div><span>This introductory remote sensing course provides an introduction to the physical principles of satellite remote sensing, and basic remote sensor data processing. In particular, this includes:</span></div> <div><span></span></div> <ul> <li><span>examining the basic physics of electromagnetic (EM) radiation and the complex interactions of radiat
Start Date : 20 Sep 2022
Price : R 7 500.00