Building Future-fit Organisations

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd offers the best training and professional development solutions to build future-fit organisations and individuals for the new world of work. In the wake of technological advancement, our career-focused short courses and programmes scheduled throughout the year are offered as contact, online, virtual, blended learning and customised corporate training interventions, to suit your schedule and needs.

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Asset Management and GRAP Asset Accounting
The Asset Management and GRAP Asset Accounting short course provides you with a unique training experience in order to get to grips with both aspects of asset management considerations (governance) and Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) compliant asset registers (accounting) as accountant/auditor. The course specifically focuses on be
Start Date : 09 Oct 2023
Price : R 10 500.00
Project Management Principles and Practices
The Principles and Practices of Project Management short course provides you with the practical know-how to schedule and authorise projects, allocating resources and setting up cost and time estimations. During the course, you will gain insights to develop a business case for a project, initiate the project, plan its lifecycle phase, manage scope
Start Date : 09 Oct 2023
Price : R 7 324.70
Management Development Programme
<span>The Management Development Programme provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills in order to perform your management responsibilities more effectively within a changing and competitive business environment. With this programme, you will acquire the requisite competencies to better deal with all functional and cross-f
Start Date : 09 Oct 2023
Price : R 53 000.00
Train-the-Trainer: Healthy Lifestyle Programme
<p><span style="font-size: 14px ; font-family: 'segoe ui' ; color: #002060;"><strong>Train-the-Trainer: Wellness in the Workplace</strong>&nbsp;courses provides you with the knowledge, skills and insights to become an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)/Wellness professional/practitioner in private practice, private companies, government departments or servi
Start Date : 10 Oct 2023
Price : R 8 500.00
Business Process Management
Businesses experience constant pressure from competitors that forces them to continuously evolve, redesign, implement and manage innovative business processes. The Business Process Management (BPM) short course will provide you with an essential overview of the art and science of managing a business by exposing you to the basic concepts, tools and skills req
Start Date : 10 Oct 2023
Price : R 15 980.00
Fraud Risk Management
<div style="text-align: left;">The Fraud Risk Management short course provides you with a full awareness of fraud and corruption malpractice in support of developing fraud risk management strategies. As the extent of fraud and corruption is a major concern throughout the world, professionals at all levels of management in all organisations, industries as wel
Start Date : 16 Oct 2023
Price : R 9 000.00