Building Future-fit Organisations

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd offers the best training and professional development solutions to build future-fit organisations and individuals for the new world of work. In the wake of technological advancement, our career-focused short courses and programmes scheduled throughout the year are offered as contact, online, virtual, blended learning and customised corporate training interventions, to suit your schedule and needs.

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Intermediate Taxation
<div><span style="font-family: 'verdana' ; color: #17365d ; font-size: 12px;">For over a decade , the course in Intermediate Taxation has been a building block towards the Knowledge and Practical Skills components of the Occupational Certificate: Tax Professional (www.thesait.org.za). Subject to further conditions*, this course will provide credit for the ta
Start Date : 26 Feb 2024
Price : R 14 000.00
Business Process Modelling
The course will introduce you to best-practice industry process modelling standards in order to equip you with a solid understanding of practical tools and techniques for business processes modelling in preparation of analysis and improvement of business process performance. Business process modelling is essential to business management success and documenti
Start Date : 26 Feb 2024
Price : R 11 130.00
Total Quality Management
<div>The short course in Total Quality Management will introduce you to contemporary tools and techniques in quality control that will enable you to articulate and implement quality improvement processes in the workplace in line with the total quality management philosophy. In today's world, customer satisfaction and competitiveness are a function of quality
Start Date : 28 Feb 2024
Price : R 6 950.00
PhD research proposal development in business sciences
<div>The course entitled: PhD research proposal development in business sciences, focuses on themes in the fields of: </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&bull;entrepreneurship and/or innovation; social entrepreneurship </div> <div>&bull;supply chain management; </div> <div>&bull;business management and strategy; </div> <div>&bull;international management; </div>
Start Date : 29 Feb 2024
Price : R 22 000.00
CGMA Finance Leadership Program - CIMA
<span style="font-family: 'verdana' ; color: #000000;">The CGMA Finance Leadership Program (CGMA FLP) is an online, fully digital way to study for CIMA's CGMA&reg; Professional Qualification and get CGMA designation.<br /> The CGMA FLP teaches the same competencies as other routes to CIMA's CGMA Professional Qualification. This prepares finance professionals
Start Date : 29 Feb 2024
Price : R 25 300.00
Introduction to Seed Biology
<div>This course is an Introductory course on Seed Biology and concepts needed to understand Seed Biology and Terminology referred to in the workplace. </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Seed companies have found it increasingly difficult to fill lab and technical positions due to candidates not being able to understand the basic biology concepts. This course wi
Start Date : 01 Mar 2024
Price : R 2 875.00