Building Future-fit Organisations

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd offers the best training and professional development solutions to build future-fit organisations and individuals for the new world of work. In the wake of technological advancement, our career-focused short courses and programmes scheduled throughout the year are offered as contact, online, virtual, blended learning and customised corporate training interventions, to suit your schedule and needs.

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Planning a Learning Opportunity
The purpose of this course is to provide attendees with guidelines on using a framework in planning learning opportunities.  It focuses on all aspects that should be considered when planning a learning opportunity to enhance student learning.  These aspects include consideration for diversity in student cohorts and reforming teaching practice, deli
Start Date : 18 Jan 2023
Price : R 2 530.00
Environmental Management and Regulation
<span>The Environmental Management and Regulation short course provides you with essential training in new regulatory developments to better navigate a range of complex issues related to environmental resources and extortion. The course covers a wide range of topics, including both legal and biological aspects of environmental management, ecological framewor
Start Date : 23 Jan 2023
Price : R 12 500.00
Civil Engineering Materials Testers Course: Sampling of Materials
<div>The sampling of materials course is the first and core component of the TMH5 &amp; SANS 3001 Materials Testers course. The objective of the sampling of materials course is to train candidates in the correct sampling methods as per industry standards. The course will also enable candidates to understand the concepts of how representative samples are obta
Start Date : 23 Jan 2023
Price : R 8 345.00
Online Course in Introduction to Project Management
<div>Increasingly, organisations structure and manage their operations using project management principles. The success of adopting a project management approach to all work aspects and acquiring and mastering project management skills is crucial in todays professional environment. </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>This course aims to introduce delegates to the
Start Date : 25 Jan 2023
Price : R 7 050.00
Assess for Success
Assessment is one of the key activities in Higher Education &ndash; used to account for the quality of our courses on the one hand, and steer student learning on the other.&nbsp; It is one of the most important tasks on both students&rsquo; and academics&rsquo; to-do-lists. Doing it in the right way is imperative for all involved. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> This en
Start Date : 25 Jan 2023
Price : R 2 530.00
Programme in Advanced Labour Law
The Programme in Advanced Labour Law provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the legislation around labour issues in South Africa, with the specific aim to correctly implement these principles in your organisation. The programme delves into progressive aspects of both employees' and employers' rights with regard to human resources and legal practi
Start Date : 31 Jan 2023
Price : R 10 200.00