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Time–Series Econometrics for the Practitioner
A basic introduction to the concepts of regression (ordinary least squares estimation) and statistical inference, violations of the classical linear regression model and the consequences of these violations, practical ways of detecting (diagnostic testing) and solving these problems are included in this course. The aim is to reconcile economic theory with pr
Start Date : 08 Nov 2021
Price : R 11 000.00
Wheel–Rail Interaction
The WheelRail Interaction short course will develop an appreciation of the multidisciplinary nature of the technology that substantially adds to the bottom line of any railway business. Knowledge of wheelrail interaction is essential for anyone involved in the operations of railways over the full spectrum of heavy-haul and general freight to medium- a
Start Date : 15 Nov 2021
Price : R 12 400.00
Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design
<span>The Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design short course provides you with a comprehensive look into the basics and key elements of planning and designing a surface mine that uses open-cut or open- cast mining techniques. The course specifically focuses on aspects of the geological resource model right through to the reserve statement and all aspects of the
Start Date : 15 Nov 2021
Price : R 17 850.00
Introductory Remote Sensing: Physical Principles and Digital Image Processing
<div><span>This introductory remote sensing course provides an introduction to the physical principles of satellite remote sensing, and basic remote sensor data processing. In particular, this includes:</span></div> <div><span></span></div> <ul> <li><span>examining the basic physics of electromagnetic (EM) radiation and the complex interactions of radiat
Start Date : 16 Nov 2021
Price : R 7 500.00