Building Future-fit Organisations

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd offers the best training and professional development solutions to build future-fit organisations and individuals for the new world of work. In the wake of technological advancement, our career-focused short courses and programmes scheduled throughout the year are offered as contact, online, virtual, blended learning and customised corporate training interventions, to suit your schedule and needs.

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Online Programme in Innovation Management (PIM)
<div>The Programme in Innovation Management (PIM) provides present and future decision- makers and leaders within organisations with a comprehensive innovation management training. The management of innovation is one of the most important and challenging aspects of an organisation, as it impacts all areas of an organisation and it is a fundamental driver of
Start Date : 17 Apr 2023
Price : R 45 540.00
Business Management
<div>The Business Management short course will introduce you to the fundamentals of business management, including the techniques, processes and procedures for sound business acumen. You will not only gain theoretical and practical knowledge of basic managerial competencies, but you will also develop the requisite skills for more effective workplace performa
Start Date : 17 Apr 2023
Price : R 9 100.00
Programme in Asset and Maintenance Management
The Programme in Asset and Maintenance Management (PAMM) provides you with an integrated and comprehensive training intervention in the complementary disciplines that direct the management and maintenance of physical assets. The programme provides you with a better awareness and tools to shape collaborative efforts that are required to effectively manage and
Start Date : 17 Apr 2023
Price : R 41 400.00
Programme in Engineering Management
<div><span>The Programme in Engineering Management (PEM) aims to provide you with practical training in managing technical functions, specifically those geared towards engineering management activities that include development, operations, maintenance, technology and project management. </span></div> <div><span></span></div> <div><span>The programme focuses
Start Date : 17 Apr 2023
Price : R 49 900.00
Leadership Programme in Urban Transformation
The Leadership Programme in Urban Transformation provides you with the necessary values, knowledge and skills to enable you to serve as an incarnational and transformational spiritual leader in your daily encounters of current urban challenges. The programme will enable you to read, reimagine and reconstruct your specific urban community in order to connect
Start Date : 17 Apr 2023
Price : R 6 900.00
Course in Strata Control: Theory
Under the current Mine Health and Safety Act (1996) a competent person (Strata Control Officer) can assist a legally appointed rock engineer with his/her underground duties under the guidance of the rock engineer. The modules covered within this programme will assist candidates writing the examination. The programme will be a preparation programme covering
Start Date : 17 Apr 2023
Price : R 14 663.00