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Negotiation Skills
<span style="font-family: calibri;">The Negotiation Skills short course will equip you with an essential framework that forms the basis of any type of negotiation and its consequent employment in the business environment. During the course, you will have the opportunity to apply key negotiation principles in practice, while also observing and deliverin
Start Date : 12 May 2021
Price : R 10 500.00
Public Management Development Programme (PMDP)
<div>The <strong>Public Management Development Programme</strong> provides you with the required working knowledge and understanding of major managerial and financial management issues encountered in your capacity as public sector councillor or senior manager. </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The programme specifically covers various aspects of strategic operat
Start Date : 12 May 2021
Price : R 29 624.00
Interviewing Skills for Fraud Examiners and Auditors
The Interviewing Skills for Fraud Examiners and Auditors short course provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain more reliable information from people to ensure the eventual admission of fraud-related information in a disciplinary hearing or court of law. The success of any investigation, whether criminal, civil, disciplinary, audit or co
Start Date : 12 May 2021
Price : R 3 650.00
People Management
People Management is a critical component of managing in organisations as everything else required to achieve the desired output depends on having competent and willing staff. In South Africa the challenge of managing people is set against a historical backdrop in which political structures ensured that a large portion of the workforce were severely limited
Start Date : 12 May 2021
Price : R 8 194.00
Public Financial Management Act
<div>The short course in <strong>Public Financial Management</strong> provides you with the requisite insights to the implementation and implications of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) of 1999 (as amended) on your role as middle or senior financial manager in the public sector. </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The course specifically covers various top
Start Date : 13 May 2021
Price : R 3 450.00
Rolling Stock Technology
<span style="font-family: calibri;">The short course in Rolling Stock Technology covers everything there is to know about locomotives, wagons and coaches used in modern-day railway operations. During the course, you will be introduced to the principles of rolling stock design (mechanical and electrical) and acquire a better understanding of the func
Start Date : 17 May 2021
Price : R 15 000.00