Utilising the Target Group Index (TGI) for practical market(ing) insights
Brief Description
Research data can be very useful to inform decisions and choose market(ing) strategies. Yet, data available in databases such as TGI is seldom used for more than descriptive purposes. This course will refresh marketing principles and highlight the practical application of data to decide on market(ing) strategies.
The aim is to equip marketers, data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, business intelligence analysts, analytics consultants and insight strategists with the theoretical background coupled with the practicability to design and implement relevant marketing strategies and targeted sales strategies through informed decisions based on consumer data as supplied by the TGI database. The TGI database provides annual data on South African consumers age15 and living in communities >8,000. Known reports generated from TGI include:
Brand planning and marketing strategies:
  • Strategic planning: Identify market gaps and opportunities, industry developments and consumer
  • Marketing analysis: Understand consumer shopping behavior and share of wallet
  • Global benchmarking: Support a global strategy through understanding international consumer trends and consumer confidence in 70+ markets
Competitive intelligence:
  •  Competitive landscaping: Identify market opportunities and threats, refining your approach and steering your strategies
  • Consumer trends: Keep up to date with today’s South African consumer and predict possible future trends
  • Market overview: Expand your brand into new market by evaluating market dynamics and potential new consumers/audiences
Consumer profiling:
  • Get the full 360° of your target market, engage personally and ensure the personality of your brand correlates with your market’s lifestyle
  • Media attitudes: With 120+ media attitudes you can understand emotional connections and motivations for preferred consumer/audience mediums
  • Segmentation: Create a customised target market segmentation that can be tracked every 6 months
Product enhancement and client pitches:
  • Brand awareness: Evaluate how your campaigns enable consumer awareness of your brand, linked to brand consumption
  • Sponsorship & promotions: With 570+ product sectors, identify optimal sponsorship and promotional opportunities for your brand
  • GeoScope: Visually plot, view and overlay research data combined with census information and rich descriptions available in TGI
Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, delegates will be able:

  • To segment the market based on customer needs evident in the database.
  • To choose markets for targeting through positioning and branding.
  • To identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from the database.
  • To develop strategies addressing weaknesses and threats, making the most of strengths and opportunities, evident in the database. 
  • To effectively translate descriptive data from TGI / Choices into market(ing) strategies.
Course Content
The following topics will be covered: 
  • Unit 1: Introduction to customer decision-making with a focus on customer needs.
  • Unit 2: Segmentation.
  • Unit 3: Targeting the right market(s), positioning and branding.
  • Unit 4: Environmental analysis via the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.
  • Unit 5: Marketing mix (product, price, distribution and promotion among others) strategies.
Entry Requirements

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Catalogue and Category:
Marketing, Communication and Languages
Who Should attend:
Marketers, data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, business intelligence analysts, analytics consultants and insight strategists in need of assistance with turning insights from databases such as TGI into market(ing) strategies.
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Contact Sessions
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