Water Quality Management and Effluent Treatment
Water Quality Management and Effluent Treatment
06 May 2024
R 16500.00

Brief Description
The Water Quality Management and Effluent Treatment short course presents attendees a comprehensive overview of the water management, water allocation, and water pollution prevention legislation and modern methods for parameter analysis and water quality monitoring.
The course lecturers present well researched material covering the basics of water quality analysis, determination of suitability of use, and pollutant impact mitigation. An overview of the most recent electronic catchment management systems and WQ information database management is presented as part of the modern methods for achieving IWRM using modern tools.
The course includes a field trip (facility visit) and hands-on laboratory sessions to familiarize delegates to the most recent analytical methods for water quality evaluation. The course is designed to equip professionals in the water sector with knowledge that will prove useful in both management and technological, and operation decision making to safeguard the water resources of Southern Africa.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will have a better understanding of the basic sciences involved in water quality management.
Course Content
Background aspects:

Global and Regional water sources, allocation, use, hydrology and geo-hydrology
Roman Water Law and water allocation principles 
National Water Act and other regulatory requirements
Physical water quality parameters 
Chemical water quality parameters
Biological water quality parameters 
Water Use during Pandemics: COVID-19 Case Study
End of the pipe and In-Stream water quality standards
Introduction to standard lab analysis: TSS, Faecal Coliform, DO, BOD5, COD, Fl-, Cl-, toxic metals, organic pollutants, etc
Introduction to advanced lab analysis: IC-LC/QTOF, HPLC, GC-MS, AAS, TOC, COD Analyser, UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, 
Introduction to remote (electronic) monitoring and telemetry use in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) 

Treatment processes:

Overview of conventional water treatment processes
Overview of conventional wastewater treatment processes 
Wastewater Reclamation and Treatment of Impaired Waters – Membrane Systems and Ion-Exchange
Low cost and ecological friendly water supply systems 
Advanced wetland applications
Biological Nutrient Removal 
Attached Growth Systems 
Solids treatment and disposal
Energy and resource recovery from the wastewater treatment processes
Water Reclamation and Reuse – EPs, EDCs and the Three-Barrier philosophy – uncoupling the Water-Energy nexus
Entry Requirements
All persons active in the Water Sector are eligible for enrolment into this course. The background knowledge required to follow the content of this course include work experience, a diploma or degree including fundamentals of physics, chemistry and microbiology, and/or participation in design and management of water and wastewater infrastructure of Southern Africa.
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Catalogue and Category:
Environmental Management and Geophysics
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal persons who are active in the field including consult engineers or water/environmental scientists and practitioners within the Southern African water sector or developing countries experiencing water challenges due increasing industrialisation and urbanisation. All active water sector artisans and professionals will benefit from this course.
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